Dominican Cigars: Balmoral Dominican Short Corona Launch in Asia

BDS Short Corona cigars

Balmoral Short Corona 5’s


Today we are going to have a look at Balmoral Dominican Selection Short Corona cigars. You may be aware that Balmoral Short Corona 5’s is the latest addition to the Balmoral Dominican Selection cigar family. The cigars are made in Royal Agio Cigars factory in San Pedro de Macoris, a small city in the Dominican Republic located in the southeastern part of the country.

These shortfiller cigars are made with a premium blend of tobaccos from South America and the Caribbean and a natural shade-grown wrapper from Ecuador (a small country located in northwestern South America).

Growing the wrappers from Ecuador in a natural shade ensures that the Balmoral cigars have a mild yet rich flavor. It also guarantees the beautiful golden color of the wrapper. Master blender Willem van Overveld personally selects these tobaccos which provide the perfect body and balance to the cigars.


BDS Short Corona

Affordable Luxury


Why did Balmoral launch this new cigar shape? Well, Royal Agio Cigars decided to launch this products because cigar smokers were asking for it. In fact, more people are looking for short smoke cigars and the Short Corona is only a 20 minute smoke.


Balmoral Short Corona cigar

Balmoral Short Corona Cigar


If you are looking for a short smoke and a mild to medium bodied cigar, you will not be disappointed when buying the Balmoral Short Corona.

And how much do these cigars cost in Asia? In Asian Duty Free shops you will find Balmoral Short Corona 5’s for around US$ 12 per pack. That is what we call affordable luxury. The retail price in domestic markets will be slightly higher.

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