Agio Cigars wins DFNI Award

During the annual DFNI (Duty Free News International) Product Awards program, a prestigious DFNI Award was presented to Royal Agio Cigars.

In the Tobacco section, Agio Cigars won 2014 Best Marketing Campaign for the Balmoral Dominican Selection cigars in-store unit.

The DFNI Product Awards are held each year to reward excellence and innovation among the leading players in the travel retail and duty-free industry, in terms of store concepts, products or marketing initiatives in the last 12 months.


Hans Rijfkogel



Balmoral Gondola

Balmoral In-Store Unit


Made from high quality woods and metals, the gondola measures 65 x 55 x 140cm but can be tailored size-wise to match different locations and customer profiles.

Incorporating the latest technology to strengthen the Balmoral Dominican Selection brand, the gondola finds room for two tablets with cigar content, a generous storage area and a product selector.


  • A cigar selector in which the different models are simply and effectively presented.


Cigar Selector

Cigar Selector


  • Two tablets with informative cigar content.


Interactive Information

Cigar Information


  • A point of sale tuning system which guarantees optimal presentation of the units and quick renewal by sales staff, including price- and product information (EAN-code, product description) on the tray.


Point Of Sale Tuning System

Point Of Sale Tuning System


  • A generous storage area at the bottom – ideal for space-limited stores.


Gondola with Storage Area

Gondola with Storage Area


  • The new Balmoral unit which can be tailor-made is designed to inspire and intrigue the senses of sight, hearing and touch.

For more information about the Balmoral Dominican Selection in-store unit please contact Hans Rijfkogel, Asia Marketing Services at:

+886-2-8758 2778 or



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